Birdland Hollow Heart seven inch

EP1: Hollow Heart

7" (Lazy 13) A: Hollow Heart B: Sugar Blood
12" (Lazy 13T) A: Hollow Heart / Crystal / Gotta Getaway B: Sugar Blood.

Possibly only 1000 7"s pressed? The 12" was released in three different colour schemes: yellow, purple, red. None seem particularly rarer than the rest. The artwork for the two formats is different, a marketing ploy the label would persist with over future releases.
Birdland Paradise seven inch
EP2: Paradise

7" (Lazy 14) A: Paradise B: White
12" (Lazy 14T) A: Paradise B: Rage / White

The b-side of the 12" plays 'White' before 'Rage'. See the oddities section for the 'mispressed' 4-track 12". The 7" sleeve features Lee and Kyle; the 12" Robert and Simon. Early copies of the 12" came with a poster.
Birdland live album


one-sided 12" (LAZY 16T)

Recorded at Bath Moles Club on 11/09/89, this one-sided live album was given away free to those attending the October tour. 10,000 copies pressed. Trivia note: according to one ex-member of the Birdland management team, a B-side was originally considered.


Birdland Sleep seven inch

Birdland button

EP3: Sleep With Me

7" (LAZY 17) A: Sleep With Me B: Wanted
ltd. 7" (LAZY 17L A: Sleep With Me / Wanted B: Hollow Heart (acoustic) / Sleep With Me (acoustic) - envelope pack with postcard and button badge.
12" (LAZY 17T) Sleep With Me / Wanted / All Over Me / Stay




Birdland R and R seven inch
Rock 'N' Roll Nigger
7" (LAZY 20) A: Rock 'N' Roll Nigger B: Protection / Rollercoaster / Fun Fun Fun.

Gatefold sleeve - 20,000 copies only.

Birdland Everybody single
Everybody Needs Somebody
7" (LAZY 24) A: Everybody Needs Somebody B: Don't Hang On
ltd. 7" (LAZY 24L) A: Everybody Needs Somebody / Don't Hang On B: Twin Sons / Exit (acoustic) - envelope pack with poster. 10,000 copies?
12" (LAZY 24T) A: Everybody Needs Somebody / Don't Hang On
B: Untitled / Shoot You Down (acoustic)

Birdland CD

Birdland tape

LP (LAZY 25)
ltd. LP (LAZY 25L) white vinyl edition in white sleeve
cass. (LAZY 25C)

A: Shoot You Down / Sleep With Me / Don't Look Back / Wake Up Dreaming / Rock'n'Roll Nigger

B: Everybody Needs Somebody / Letter You Know / Beat Me Like A Star / She Belongs To Me / Exit

Collector's note: apparently, alternative artwork for the album was prepared. This ended up on a London rubbish dump in the late 1990s.



Birdland anthology CD

Paradise: Complete 1989-91

2CD (Castle CMEDD1024)

CD1: Hollow Heart / Crystal / Gotta Get Away / Sugar Blood / Paradise / White / Rage / Sleep With Me / Wanted / All Over Me / Stay / Rock 'n' Roll Nigger / Protection / Roller Coaster / Fun Fun Fun / Exit / Don't Look Back / Wake Up Dreaming / Letter You Know / Beat Me Like A Star / Sleep With Me (acoustic) / Exit (acoustic) / Hollow Heart (acoustic)

CD2: Shoot You Down / Everybody Needs Somebody / Don't Hang On / Twin Sons / She Belongs To Me / Paradise (live) / White (live) / See No Evil (live) / Hollow Heart (live) / Gotta Get Away (live) / Sugar Blood (live) / Rock 'n' Roll Nigger (live) / Everybody Needs Somebody (live) / Wanted (live) / Sleep With Me (live)

Birdland radio tape

Live & Unreleased (VOX GIVIT1) free with Vox magazine (December 1991).

Cassette: all tracks recorded for the Radio 1 Mark Goodier show.

Includes Birdland's 'Wake Up Dreaming'.